We have a wide and comprehensive range of materials to create a variety of decorative finishes and effects:

 decorative finish with translucent, non-uniform, chromatic effect in normal or metallic finish.
   Lime-based glaze to achieve an antique effect similar to the decoration of Italian Renaissance homes.

Modern MastersPremium quality water-based metallic paint collection and metal effects decorative finishes.  Metallic paints are available in 40 standard colours,  non-tarnishable, non-yellowing & semi-gloss. The metal effects paints are to create a variety of oxidized metal finishes – from patinated bronze, copper and baroque to the weathered appearance of rusted iron.
Les Chaux d’Antan:
   A limewash paint with the attraction of traditional-style finish giving a strong, matt and patinated appearance.  It has the advantage of being non-chalky and washable.
Tradimurs:  A fibrous textured finish with patinated effect created by washing surface with a coloured wax or Aretino colourwash.
Arabesque:   A spatolato finish of various pearlescent and iridescent colours with a lightly textured crushed grain effect.
An iridescent velvet finish to replicate the looks of tapestries with a strong visual impact.  Applied by using a spatula (for antique effect), a tampone for imperial finish, a sponge for damask effect, and a relief roller for a floral tapestry look.
Multidecor:   A polychromatic decorative system to be applied with a wide range of tools (from spatulas to rags, sponges and rollers) to achieve various chromatic effects from normal to metallic colours.
Pallas:  A fine silky metallic finish giving walls a myriad of reflections that vary according to the intensity of light.
Decora:   Unique coating with a ‘crushed grain’ patinated effect created by using a special spatula.  It has an antique, rustic shaded effect which is lightly textured with an unusual aged wall effect.
Chromcoat Spatolato finish of various pearlescent colours.  Has a similar effect as pearlescent stucco.
    Water-based metallic finish for interior and exterior use. Very tough and resistant to the weather, and does not tarnish from oxidation.  A wide range of colours from gold, bronze, silver to mother-of-pearl and burnished steel.
Resene Metallics
A waterborne enamel product with a wide range of shimmering metallic and pearlescent finishes for interior and exterior.  Lights striking a surface coated with Resene Metallics creates the illusion of colour movements.
Tessuto:  A revolutionary and  newly introduced product that creates colours to see and touch, with a visual and tactile effect -  with the unique feel and look of leather and soft suede.
:  Also a newly introduced product that can be applied over any surface giving it a soft, warm touch.
Dune d’Oro/d’Argento:  A decorative metallic product to be applied by various tools to give a spatolato, a damascato, or tactile effect with a stunning reflection of lights and shades.
Polistof:  A microfine-textured multicolour finish applied by roller, spray or brush to achieve the feel and look of fabric.
Valsetin:  A satin and soft feel pearlescent/iridescent material to be applied by special tools to achieve various effects.


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