Marmorino Stucco:
A lime-based stucco consisting of crushed marble chips of various aggregates, cement, lime and other natural additives, it is applied in several layers and compacted to a hard and polished finish.  By combining the traditional skills with the various innovative and creative application techniques, different types of Marmorino hard plaster finishes are created, as follows:






  1. Antico Finishes:
    1. A plain, polished and smooth surface with a marbleized effect.
    2. Aesthetic, cloudy effect in a smooth, compacted and polished finish highlighting the marble aggregates in the material.
    3. Pepesale (or pepper) effect resembling a natural unpolished monolithic stone highlighting the small black and other coloured aggregates,
    4. Teodorico effect, a smooth finish with metallic mica flecks of gold, silver or bronze.

  2. Rustico Finishes:
    1. Traditional veneziano rustic finish that is highly compacted, plain, and evenly textured.
    2. A further variation of the rustico finish is a lightly textured surface with fan or scallop-shaped patterns.
    3. Intonachino finish with medium textured surface.
    4. A fresco effect similar to an aged wall finished with Aretino or Arteco wash.

  3. Classic Finishes:
    1. A polished pitted surface resembling a monolithic stone surface or a polished limestone finish. Surfaces can be highlighted with Aretino or Arteco effects medium or a pearlescent glaze or wax (e.g. gold, silver, bronze, or copper).
    2. Travertino effect as in natural travertine stone. It has a polished or semi-polished surface with a finely dragged texture running in a horizontal direction
    3. Other variations of striations include a bold combination of rough textures and semi-polished bands running in the same horizontal direction, highlighting the marble aggregates and a subtle contrast in shades, similar to the scratched surfaces of ancient rocks.


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