Marblite Venetian Finishes:
A fine decorative plaster comprising lime putty, marble powder, and various additives.  Different effects are achieved by varying the techniques of application and combining with other compatible products.

    1. Stucco Lustro Veneziano also known as  Stucco Antico Veneziano with a spatolato effect.  A glossy or satin translucent finish with remarkable depth and tones.
    2. Encausto effect is a glossy shaded effect highlighting the marble aggregates.
    3. Cocciopesto finish is created by combining venetian plaster with red crushed bricks (typical of North & South Italy) to give a shaded glossy finish highlighted by the bleeding effects of the bricks.
    4. Patinated effect by applying Aretino or Arteco ontop of the venetian stucco to give a soft finish typical of Renaissance tradition.
    5. Pearlescent effect is achieved by applying a pearlescent wax (gold, silver or bronze) with a spatula.
    6. Fiorato effect are floral or striated patterns (horizontal/diagonal) achieved by using various tools resulting in a gloss or satin
    7. Stucco Metallo in metallic gold, silver, bronze and copper, applied by a trowel/spatula to create superb colour effects, shades and glazings.





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