We offer a range of gilding materials and tools for oil-gilding and water-gilding:

  1. Genuine Gold Leaf – 80 x 80mm, loose/patent/ribbon, in 24-k pure  gold, 23.7-k moon gold, 23.75-k platinum gold, 23-k red gold, 23-k double gold, 21-k yellow gold, 12-k white gold, and more.

  2. Genuine Silver Leaf – 95 x 95mm, loose/patent/ribbon, in normal silver, extra soft, and hand-beaten.

  3. Metal Leaf – 140 x 140mm or 160 x 160mm, loose/patent/ribbon,

    • Composition Gold Leaf or Dutch Metal (imitation gold leaf)
    • Colours: #1, #2, #2 ½ , #3.
    • Aluminium leaf or imitation silver leaf
    • Copper Leaf

  4. Variegated Leaf – Blue, red, green and black, and various designer leaf.

  5. Tools -   Gilder’s cushion, gilder’s knife, tamping brush, gilder’s tips,  agate polishers, bole, antiquing varnish, size, brushes, sealers, etc.


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