Our Company, Waldec Coatings (S) Pte Ltd, has been established for more than 20 years as a leading specialist in decorative wall finishes. We are principally engaged in the import, sales and distribution of a wide range of special architectural coatings, as well as the provision of such coating services to the various building industry - from residential to commercial, corporate and the institutional markets.

Being a leading specialist in decorative finishes ranging from lime-based plasters, decorative stucco, quartz-based textures, to gilding, and the various types of effect finishes, we have over the period developed a wide and comprehensive network of dealers and applicators in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Not only have we gained a reputation in selling high quality products, we also have a very good track record of providing quality workmanship, competitive pricing, reliable service, and the ability to meet tight delivery schedules. Besides Singapore, we have also undertaken numerous jobs in the region from the Asean countries to China, Hong Kong, and Australia.